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Postby sbando on Thu Nov 15, 2012 12:41 am

In ten years, I've never felt the need to write our own FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions about the Eurobabeindex) and Forum Rules for the Eurobabeforum.

But things change and we need some guidelines now. I'll think about it then I'll start adding entries. It'd be great if the other admins and mods could contribute too (users too are free to make suggestions).

For now, I'll leave with FORUM RULE N°1:

"Always be friendly and polite to other users, don't attack them or treat them with irony.
Be polite and respectful to the Forum's owners and to our mods, always! No remarks o comebacks. Don't talk about the site in an ironical way, it's still more, much more, than most of you have acccomplished on the Internet anyway.
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