Male performers, who is great? Or not?

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Male performers, who is great? Or not?

Postby gernblanchton on Wed Sep 18, 2013 12:22 pm

I don't want this to become a contest of complaints but its something that's important to this business.
I love what Rocco brings to his performances and movies. He loves what he does and it shows in the performances. Occasionally too rough and we all know some girls are not interested in working with him. But his best performances are full of emotion and intensity which I like.
Don't know what happened to Jean Valjean but he was great as well.
David Perry has great intensity as well.

Now on the downside, Timo and his brother Oliver just do not work for me. Almost completely emotionless it often appears that they are just working. its not supposed to be like that. Both of them have to jerk off for a few minutes before they can cum. I mean they are boffing with some world class beauties and they cannot cum? Oliver might be gay (certainly bi-sexual) so maybe its just work to him. I appreciate that Timo appears to bring many great girls into the business but please find some world class fuckers to act with them. Guys who show emotion and intensity and can translate that to the screen.
Ok, discuss among yourselves. Their is a long list of great performers but we had to start the discussion somewhere.
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Re: Male performers, who is great? Or not?

Postby alexxx on Sun Sep 22, 2013 8:22 pm

Well, I think this thread would become soon a list of complaints. Anyway, when you see what happens in a normal porn set, I think male performers have a difficult task.
Staying hard is often more difficult than staying open.
But it is true that fucking should never become mechanics because this would annoy viewers. Few actors can however put so much energy to not let you perceive they are tired or even uninterested when they face for eg. a cold barbie doll.
Filmakers like Raul Cristian or Rocco or MIke Adriano know how to warm up situation but in some cases ladies are so unexperienced that guys are lost and that's how Timo and Aleks/Oliver look often.
Anyway afaik Oliver is not gay but it's bisexual...and mostly for matter of money while Timo is really a star among young Russians (boys and gals...).
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