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Postby joachim kessef on Tue Sep 09, 2008 5:30 pm

i want to make a statement i never work with that girl and i never saw her in my life and i was not in the city when she was working according to julia... the well known actor who work with the girl it was not me and i am not a type of person who give somebody and this circonstance people need to have a distance all the speculation i read and i heard about me are really sucks so far it only one director who called me and ask the right question it really important what happened now this hiv will affect the life of this poor girl forever and associate me with that is not appropriate people need to think before to speak and juge others persons
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Postby Juliana Grandi (Karmen) on Tue Sep 09, 2008 5:38 pm

i am sorry - but i wasnt tell the name of this guy! i can aproove that it wasnt Joachim!
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Postby camaban on Tue Sep 09, 2008 7:58 pm

sbandoblue wrote:up

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money speaks loudly

Postby spnevsky on Tue Sep 09, 2008 8:06 pm

it is unfortunate that producers put the bottom line before the health of the talent, but that is the reality. what is really small sighted is that these same short sighted producers would realize that the mighty money roll would be even larger if the talent were healthy enough to work for a long period. hell if the talent is good, then the demand from the viewing public increases, thus more dvd's or whatever are purchased, and cycle continues to generate more and more money.

awareness is the beginning of resolving the problem. Good job listing here
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Postby sbando on Tue Sep 09, 2008 8:54 pm

camaban wrote:
sbandoblue wrote:up


Did you see Joachim's post? Also, someone in private announced big news, but I can't vouch on that.

Second, because I say so.
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Postby elpetron on Wed Sep 10, 2008 4:58 am

sbandoblue wrote:
camaban wrote:
sbandoblue wrote:up


Second, because I say so.

Damn right Sbando!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many of you guys forget if it werent for Sbando especially, EBI would not exist

And don't the rest of you forget

And Bunny

And Frigo

And Noproblemo

In addition to









This may not be the topic to retort those who would challenge Sbando's motives, but this is his baby, and you should respect him and the others that have contributed so much for you to be able to use EBI and the forum.

As far as the HIV in Russia or one girl and a few actors being affected in this tragedy, I can only hope it brings about change in the industry in Russia. I really hope it scares the shit out of people to do the right thing.

Joachim and Juliana I am so glad you both are safe and not affected by this. I as well as other are glad that in this forum you are trying to clear things up and trying to get the word out about this. But Really, quit wasting your time typing in this forum and spend some time trying to change your industry. Spend some time trying to change things for the better for your own business. The EBI forum is not the place to do this. SPB and Moscow, and the agencies and the production companies are where you should voice your opinions. YES we are her to support you. and I'm sure you could start a support campaign at the EBI forum. But you guys have more power to change this than jost putting a post on EBI.
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Postby Cynic on Wed Sep 10, 2008 9:31 am

Juliana, I think it was NOT correct to publish and discuss such things on a public board.

Especially in case that I asked all the participants NOT to do it.

For now no one, except this poor girl, in SPb didn't get positive result THIS year and I hope no one will not get it in the future.

Shit happens, you know, sometimes.

I am kindly ask the moderator to close this topic. Of course if no one against of it.
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Postby joachim kessef on Wed Sep 10, 2008 10:00 am

i never use the forum to make a revenge or something else i always said this forum is for porn lovers but not to make jugement and when it come at people who make a speculation or a rumors i heard or i read it really a problem so i need to clear thing when critics come like the dont like me or my movie i dont mind but hiv case it not a joke that is serious i dont have nothing to do with that i work in that city but i never work with that girl and i never saw in my life about change beople in the busness the are many productions in that city if you have some way to influent people in how to work i am open to receive your view one more people need to think before to speak
joachim kessef
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Postby Cynic on Wed Sep 10, 2008 10:19 am

No, Joachim didn't work with this girl. It is 100% correct.

But whats the fuck why the producers should talk and prove anything?

And the actors are invloved in it?

It is better to close and delete this thread.
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foreign tests for HIV are not longer valid in Russia

Postby alexxx on Wed Sep 10, 2008 1:27 pm

Hi all,
I do not want to enter in this specific debate because I believe is not matter of public chats.
I mean that's too much serious! I still remember the Lara Roxx case...

At the same time I would like to advice all the foreigners working in Russia that if you do that with a work permit (you should...) then regulations have been abruptly changed 3 days ago.
Well, usual business (I do not add comments...)... but it can have serious impacts or, if you prefer, can increase the risks if you do not respect these rules.

In particular, and that's (relatively) funny, HIV tests done abroad (like eg.Italy) are not considered valid...then you have to pay some Russian partner :roll: You know what I mean :evil:

Giorgio, Joachim, Rocco and co... take your precautions!

For your complete info, read here under:

Disease Tests Enforced for Expats
10 September 2008
By Anna Malpas
The Federal Migration Service has abruptly canceled an informal arrangement that allowed hundreds of foreigners to avoid mandatory tests for leprosy, syphilis and four other diseases when applying for work permits.

The migration service has required foreigners to be tested for the six diseases — HIV, chlamydia, chancre, tuberculosis, syphilis and leprosy — since July 2005. But after intense lobbying by the American Chamber of Commerce, it relaxed the rule in late 2005 for the group's more than 800 member companies, requiring their foreign staff to take only HIV tests.

The chamber said Tuesday that an agreement with the Federal Migration Service had been struck down by the Health and Social Development Ministry.

Ending the arrangement promises to create a major headache for hundreds of companies, and the additional red tape could discourage investors already worried about the global economic turndown.

Migration officials announced the change in notices posted this week on the walls of its offices around Moscow, said Alexei Filippenkov, director of Visa Delight, an agency that helps companies obtain work permits.

The notice says all work permit applicants need to provide all medical certificates from Monday, said Yulia Barbash, a specialist at Vista Foreign Business Support.

The American Chamber of Commerce said that it would push for a return to the relaxed testing regime.

"What happened is that the Health Ministry overruled the Federal Migration Service," Andrew Somers, president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, said Tuesday evening. "The chamber will make every effort to restore the status quo because we consider this requirement to be inconsistent with international standards."

A spokeswoman for the Federal Migration Service declined to comment and referred all questions to the Health and Social Development Ministry. Questions sent by fax at the ministry's request went unanswered Tuesday.

In addition to the six diseases, all foreigners will now be required to take a test for drug addiction, the migration service said in the notice.

The agreement with the American Chamber of Commerce was unofficial and based on talks between Somers and the Federal Migration Service, Filippenkov said. "If you read the law regarding permits, you will find that there are no exceptions for anyone or any organization," he said.

"You need to just go to Mr. Somers and ask him, 'How did you do it?' and 'Please do it again,'" Filippenkov added, joking.

Signs of a reversal had been looming. Filippenkov said one of his client companies, a member of the American Chamber of Commerce, was inspected by the Federal Migration Service two months ago and denied work permits for four employees until they provided the full range of medical certificates.

It was unclear whether the change would be applied retroactively.

"We hope that if these demands continue, at the very least there will be an agreement that [HIV] certificates issued earlier will be accepted," Barbash said. Some of her agency's clients have submitted only HIV certificates and are now abroad.

Under the rules, applicants must be tested in private or state clinics in Russia or, if they do the tests abroad, get the results translated into Russian and notarized. But test results issued in 25 countries, including Italy, Finland, the Baltic states and China, are not accepted.
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Postby sbando on Wed Sep 10, 2008 6:01 pm

It's obvious that dealing with important matters is impossible in forums.

Also, the trademark cowardness of the adult industry can't be defeated.

Any RELEVANT communication can still be forwarded to me in private and it will be printed in the News.
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