a few questions about pissing?

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Re: a few questions about pissing?

Postby Lee on Sun Nov 09, 2008 9:03 am

WOW, thanks kenbac for those pics of Pepper! She is so gorgeous, & so hot to see her in these scenes! :D

I'd like to find out a list of her DVD appearances.

Re: a few questions about pissing?

Postby Caroline-NL on Sun Nov 09, 2008 11:23 am

UKDave, Golden Shower scenes werent unnormal or a niche market, if I look back at the dutch porn videos of the 80s and 90s. Only ten years ago, Ive met more girls as I had thought of, who saw wet sex as a normal part of their sexuality. But the social climate is much more conservative here now.

I dont like this 666 stuff for several reasons, most of the women only do it for the money AND dont like it. Very few exceptions. The men only drink water the day before, so the urine is almost without taste. Real lovers of golden showers enjoy the bitter taste and the strong smell. Its an incredible turn on for me. The combination of smell, taste and warmth. It arouses me much more as "normal sex". I was very ashamed of me, when I discovered this with late 13, at first I thought I was crazy. When you are very slowly discovering your sexuality and have fantasies, that arent "mass compatible", at least not in Germany, you have a problem. I never talked with my first boyfriend about this. Should I had asked, if he wants to pee on me ? It was so extremely absurd, talking about this before we had normal sex at all.

When a dutch girlfriend showed me such a porn movie with 14, it was a Seventeen Schoolgirls Wet Sex Special, I never will forget this movie, I was totally overwhelmed by my feelings. But I dont want to go more into detail (censored). Teenagers are persons without sex, as long as they havent reached the 18th birthday. Just look at the new european porn laws.

I am also tired of this "degradation" talk of conservative feminists or christian knuckleheads, who say, that women are degraded and treated like trash, because men are pissing on the women.

I think people who hate porn cant judge this. Or are illiterates now writing book reviews ?

Golden Showers arent degrading per se, if I, or other girls and women have an orgasm, while they are "pissed on", this cant be degrading. Sexual pleasure cant be degrading.
But its true that porn, golden shower porn movies too, can be degrading, and this 666 stuff and many other productions are.

And another cover with "Doctor" Pepper:
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Re: a few questions about pissing?

Postby Mr_White on Sun Nov 09, 2008 11:25 pm

Since the original question was very accurate and well answered by Caroline and since we have two other running topiccs regarding wet-sex




I am closing this one.

Feel free to share information and all on the two forementioned topics. Thanks.
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